Thursday, 23 May 2019

Test build of 'the other Roubo folding book stand'

Last year, Lost Art Press published measured drawings for the other Roubo book stand scaled to hold their Deluxe edition of "Roubo on Furniture". I grabbed a pdf of the measured drawings and set to make a test build in soft wood before milling some hard wood for the real build.

 I do not own the Deluxe edition, but I am lucky enough to have the 1977 limited reprint in full size.
 I quickly ripped some fir to verify that the book stand would accommodate the 1977 edition. So far, so good.
 I hadn't cut bridal joints in ages, so they are far from perfect.

 Chopping mortises in fir can be fun as the wood is way too soft and crushes easily
 Test fit of the book on the assembled top part

 Making the support, in pine I believe

The top part is now complete

Making the bottom part is where it gets fun, as it needs a way to hold the top support in position

 The part is roughly shaped, then pared down to the line.

Chopping the recesses that will hold the toggle in position

Building the bottom frame

All the recesses are chiseled. Here's what I did wrong... I started chopping them from the top but I should have started by the bottom one and made my way up. Chopping was unnecessary in this soft wood... paring down diagonally gave better results and the pared down recesses ended up being the exact dimensions from the drawing.

 What I got wrong, part deux, I somehow made the part too long, so I had to shorten it from the bottom.
 Fitting the hinges between the top and bottom. The Stanley 271 is so useful for those small mortises.
 Finally, adding the two shelves that will support the bottom of the book... I decided to stick a molding on those.

The test build is finished and holds the limited edition without any problem!

 The bridal joints at the end of the build were of a better quality than those at the start!


  1. Nice work! Looking at it now, the stand in that size would make a decent music stand.


    1. Yes, it would make a rather nice desktop music stand. I seem to recall seeing plans somewhere for one that folds down to a tiny dimension when not in use... I'll see if I can fish that one out

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