Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Turning file handles

After sharpening the carcasse saw, I decided to make a different file handle that was slightly longer.

I started with a quick drawing on a bit of plywood. I'd then use the plywood as a template, if I ever decided to make more handles based on that pattern.

Compared to the handle I turned before

Developed so I can take direct measurements with calipers at key points

Once again, an off-cut of cherry

Mounted on the lathe, turned into a cylinder and marked.

I used the parting gouge and the calipers to reach the correct dimensions in the key spots. I used a carbide gouge to connect the parts together... I reversed the lathe rotation and sanded the  handle to 400 grit before building on the finish (BLO, BLO, shellac, 600 grit, shellac, 600 grit, carnauba, buff).

Here's the handle off the lathe, before the final steps (cut off, ferrule, drill tang hole).

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